The Album

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Song Meanings


Nomathemba is a song that our parents would sing to us when we were naughty. It’s a fun song with a serious message as it teaches children about discipline.  Nomathemba has been naughty and is trying to negotiate herself out of trouble. 

iAfro Yami

This song is about young girls sitting together and doing each other’s hair. They are learning about hair texture and admiring the differences in their hair, even though they all have afros. This is a song about self-love and of love for your friends.


This song teaches children to count from one to 10 in isiZulu in a fun and engaging way. Each child in the illustration represents a number. 

Nans’ iNswempe

This song is the oldest nursery rhyme on the Rainbow Nation Kids album. It is about an anteater who wonders around the garden looking for ants. The kids get scared and call their dogs to chase the anteater away, but the anteater always escapes! 

Thula Mntwana

This song is a favourite as it’s been sung in most South African households. Our grannies would sing this song when our moms where away working. They would say that our moms are at the store to buy some amasi (fermented milk) because the naughty dog ate it up. This would prevent us from crying because it meant our moms would be home soon.


This song is about living in rural areas and loving it.  Emakhaya means “at home” and the song explains the rural children’s daily routine and the kind of games they play. The song’s important message is that the kids love living in this environment and that they play games with each other outside.

Imithi Igoba Kahle 

This song is an educational song about trees and it teaches about how leaves and branches sway from side to side on a windy day. It also teaches kids about the birds and their nests in the tree. 

Nampaya oMama

In rural parts of South Africa, moms would go to town once a month to do the groceries. This was a time all little kids loved because they knew that their moms would bring back cake, sweets, and chocolate. This song is about the joy kids experience seeing their moms coming over the hills with packages on their heads that contain lots of goodies.


This song is so much fun. It’s a back-and-forth dialogue between MaDlamini and MaSithole. They are neighbours and MaSithole is always asking MaDlamini questions about everything. Kids sing it and play dress-up, pretending to be the women.

Ngineminwe Emihlanu 

This song is about your hand and your five fingers. We use words to describe each finger and why each finger is special. It’s a fun-filled song.